Setup and maintenance
Flexible monthly subscription model
No installation, setup or maintenance to worry about
Application runs in all modern web browsers with nothing else to download or install
Choose your own account name
Enter a display name or slogan
Upload and display your own logo or banner
Link to your account using a personalised domain e.g. youraccountname.pageream.com
Personalise your home page
Project configuration
Simple and easy to use drag-and-drop user interface for configuring and customising projects
Multilingual support for projects and user interface
Build reusable templates to define layouts
Group templates together to maintain style and consistency
Precision control over customisable areas of text and images
Upload photos and graphics to provide users with a library of stock images
Allow users to create their own image libary by uploading photos and graphics
Define sample or default text copy and images
Upload and distribute your own fonts
Project management
Invite users to participate by email or allow people to register themselves
Feature packed text editor for customising areas of text
Manipulate images using zoom and position controls
Fast response with text and image manipulation performed on the client, reducing number of round trips to the server
Preview the project as a PDF
Manage the approval of customisations
Download hi-res PDFs of finished customisations